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Giussani was born 40 years ago working in the furniture industry. With the changing needs of the market in the years 70’s and 80, introduces the production of modular raised floors and dividing partitions.
From the meeting between design and the Company’s decades of experience, was born the brand HATMO for complete furnishing of residential and public spaces: hotels, spa, shops, boutiques, private houses, libraries and exhibitions.

The company is then projected into the future thanks to the experience gained in the past, becoming the place
where innovation, research and a very flexible method of production are the key ingredients that form the consolidated working process where experimentation and quality control are exercised along with the knowledge of the craftsman to meet the customers’ needs.
40 years in continuous evolution , Ge Giussani confirms its operational strategy that is to research and develop new solutions able to satisfy aesthetical and technological aspects ,combining design and quality materials at competitive costs. A product series enriched through design, from mass production to the custom-made request. A host of services ranging from project planning to installment and assistance, for a fully realized project.

Perché sceglierci

Lunga esperienza nel settore.

Abbiamo personale specializzato per fornire servizi integrati di progettazione, montaggio, realizzazione integrale, assistenza. Oltre alla produzione di serie, grazie alla collaborazione di artigiani specializzati, realizziamo pezzi speciali su disegno.

Ascoltiamo le vostre esigenze e scegliamo con voi le soluzioni migliori, sia tecniche che estetiche ed economiche.

Il nostro è un impegno costante per ottenere la soddisfazione dei clienti.