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Load –bearing, easy to be installed , water and frost resistant, removable and easy to inspect.
Ideal to clad terraces, outdoor pathways of bars and restaurants, outdoor areas, temporary events such as trade-fairs and stands. The slight gap between adjacent panels allows rainwater to run down into the subfloor. The easily accessible interspace created by the raised floor allows for the housing of drain pipes and electrical installations beneath the walking surface.


Modular slabs in porcelain stoneware with R11 textured surface , 20 mm thickness and nominal dimension 600×600 mm.

The coupled module GR150 offer countless aesthetic solutions. The top layer, available in many collections, is applied on a monolithic homogeneous support in ceramic material 15 mm thick. The adhesion of the two slabs, with nominal dimension 600×600 and total thickness 25 mm , is guaranteed by the use of special adhesive. GR150 may be used also in indoor environments; in this case the panels are edged with pvc.

The supports, fixed or adjustable, are available in different heights: fixed supports 25/35 mm high, jack supports 35/50 mm or 15/220 mm, special supports with lock nut and extension 115 / 620 mm high. The carrying structure allows for correction of the slope on final flooring. The slope correctors are applied at the base of the supports ,which are laid in a vertical axis to exploit the absorption of loads in the best way.